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Manage and Thrive Training
We develop the best managers
Focussed, time-efficient management and leadership training

We help managers to be the best they can be… to go beyond ‘just managing’ and to thrive.

This helps to protect businesses and employees from the risks associated with untrained and inexperienced managers. 

In particular, we develop ‘managers’ who just carry a job title - into real, efficient, effective managers and leaders.  

We also provide training and support for managers as they progress through their careers and within an organisation. 
Founder profile: Rob Hart
"I realised there was a wealth of management and leadership know-how locked inside my head when I was talking to family and friends a few years ago. I suggested that, surely, they had tried this or that approach. I discovered that what I take for granted because of my military and commercial training and experience is not commonplace. 
I now provide the benefit of this formal and on-the-job training, and relevant (although sometimes weird) experience, to businesses and to individual managers. I don't want to see people struggling and hating management roles.  I want to help them to go beyond 'just managing', and to help them to thrive."
Rob received formal management and leadership training at The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and subsequently served for seven years as an Army Officer. 

After leaving the forces in 2005, Rob then worked in a number of management disciplines with the United Nations, Government, corporate and small businesses and start-ups. 

Rob now shares his experience with others. He is a confident and competent all-round manager, with extensive training and experience of management and leadership in various environments. Specialisms include operations, strategy, projects / programmes, systems and process, risk, change management, resources, capability, teams and staff.
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About our training modules

Our training modules are relevant, and focussed to ensure best use of time. They are available online and in the classroom, and to corporate and individual buyers. Each module is individually developed by our experts exclusively for us. Content is based on our own unique experiences (including military and commercial backgrounds) and draws on useful industry norms and practice.  
How to improve team performance
Improve individual and team performance and appraisal
How to improve team culture
Improve morale and culture
How to improve output and profit
Improve output and the bottom line
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