Manage and Thrive management training
Focussed management training to individuals and to organisations
Are you and every member of your team meeting 100% of the requirements of the job - even if people are doing their best?
Could it be done better, faster and more efficiently, with less stress, with greater results?  
But are you also pushed for time or only have a few people who need training?
Busy people and businesses improve performance through our time-efficient, bite-sized management training packages.
Less faffing, more success.
“Many thanks for the great management training today. It was extremely useful and have immediately implemented it into my job. I look forward to more.”
(Lindsay, National Geographic Partners)
By engaging Manage and Thrive Training, you can get a clear benefit to your business:
  • Develop a better trained team... by improving skills, ability, confidence and morale
  • In a time-efficient manner
  • To unlock improvements to business efficiency, effectiveness, output and the bottom line
You will find us fantastic for: 
  • Management and leadership training
  • Short and sharp sessions - minimally intrusive to limit impact on day-to-day business 
  • Training applicable across business functions / sectors
  • Stand-alone courses providing knowledge and skills to implement immediately
Training for businesses (on- or off-site)
Training for individual attendees on centralised courses
(ideal for employed experts, freelancers, businesses with only a few people to train)
We consider tailoring to client requirements if appropriate
What we don’t do:
We don’t drag out training over an unnecessarily long or unmanageable duration
We don’t provide unnecessary qualifications
About us:
We want to help people and businesses succeed.  We do this by providing time-efficient, focussed training in management and leadership.  Training is created and delivered by people with world-class training and real-world experience, including both military and commercial backgrounds, who can instruct, and who are trusted by us.

So give yourself a big gain, for little pain and risk.  Invest in your team.  
Find out how you can benefit from our expertise:

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A great course, well presented, and filled with nuggets of useful info to help me manage my projects more professionally."
Karen, role involves communications & editorial consultancy

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