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Focussed management and leadership training to individuals and to organisations

We provide stand-alone courses, each one with a discrete aim and objectives.  These provide knowledge and skills which attendees can implement immediately.  The courses are short-and-sharp, time efficient in nature, and we cover as much ground as possible without undue padding or unnecessary cosmetic gimmicks.  The information is a complete package and constitutes a self-contained training package. 
Go beyond managing. Thrive. 

Some sample management and leadership training courses

Project management in a nutshell:
'No fuss' project management skills course

quick project management training
Aim:  Learn basic ethos, tools and techniques of project management, in an informal atmosphere where we can share learning and the benefit of our experience.
Summary:  Pretty much everything we are asked to do has some element of ‘project management’, whether we know it or not. The concepts and tools can be applied to many managerial tasks. This course is an amalgamation of useful project management concepts and tools, learned through training and from applied experience. In essence, the content goes beyond what you may think of as ‘project management’ and should be applicable to whatever you need to do. It can even be applied to your life outside of work.
Standard duration:  3 hours 15 minutes (half-day training course)
Check out our case study page about the Project Management in a Nutshell course.  This is within the context of an individual person booking onto a course, but equally shows how a business or other organisation could benefit from it.  Or - watch our short video which provides a little more detail...

Project risk management:
Approach, tools and techniques for immediate use

Aim:  To provide an approach to managing project risks, along with tools and techniques that you can apply immediately.
Summary:  If you've been asked to put together a project risk register, or you discovered that you probably ought to have one while looking at other areas of 'project management', then it can seem like an impossible task.  This course provides you with an insight into the idea of ‘risk’ (assuming you have an initial level of 'zero understanding' about risk management).  It then provides you with an approach, and some tools and techniques that you'll be able to apply immediately in your role. 
Standard duration: 4 hours (1/2 day management training course)

Scrub up well as a manager: 
A no frills guide to being a better manager

how to be a better manager
Go beyond the basics you might find in a google search or a formulaic 'how to be a manager course'... this Manage and Thrive Training course offers tools and skills to make a real difference to your success as a manager.
Aim:  To provide insight, tools and techniques that you can apply, to help you to improve your performance in your management role.
Summary:  We don't really get told how to 'manage' at work, it is assumed.  So when we are promoted from specific roles into management roles, people can struggle, and often with no help from their boss or the wider organisation. This training opportunity isn’t about learning to pass a test or getting a few letters for the CV.  It is about you acquiring management essentials in a short period of time, without massively impacting on your busy schedule.
Standard duration: 3.5 hours (half day management training course)

Better management and leadership through inclusive behaviours

inclusivity training
Aim: To give attendees an insight into their biases and to know themselves, and to use this understanding to benefit their team through inclusivity, in line with the Equality Act 2010.
Summary: Are you inclusive in all that you do? Or do you just associate with those that are just like you? Knowing yourself, before you know others is a great place to start. Whether you manage or lead others or are part of a team, understanding your biases, your preferences and yourself will allow you to challenge yourself and others when behaviour is not inclusive. This course delivers personal awareness training, underpinned by the Equality Act 2010 and the need for businesses and teams to recognise the business benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce.
Standard duration: 3 hours

Bespoke courses and other assistance

corporate management training courses
If you are a business, other organisation or group of friends / colleagues in need of informal management training - just education in a timely manner and without a qualification at the end of it - then get in touch to see how we can work together to achieve your objectives. We can tailor the duration too, to a 1 day management or leadership training course, for example.
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