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Manage and Thrive Training
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Thanks for visiting our 'About Us' page.  Here, you can learn more about the business which is Manage and Thrive Training, and also about the founder and Managing Director, Rob Hart.  
We want to help people and businesses succeed. We do this by providing time-efficient, focussed training in management and leadership. Training is created and delivered by people with world-class training and real-world experience, including both military and commercial backgrounds, who can instruct, and who are trusted by us.
About Manage and Thrive Training:
Firstly, we are based in the beautiful city of Bath: an amazing city with the famous Roman baths, Georgian architectural extravagance, modern luxuries like the Thermae Spa, a great rugby club, and a bustling business and social life. If you haven't been, then it's worth a trip.  

The location is brilliant for its proximity to Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Reading, Cardiff, and anywhere along the M4 and M5 corridors. Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire are our main stomping grounds.  Ease of access to the motorways and mainline stations means we are well place for many places.  London is only 75 minutes by train into Paddington from Chippenham station.  
People shouldn’t have to struggle with management roles: We allow people to develop into more robust, able managers and businesses, to go beyond ‘managing’ and to improve their personal and work situations. 
To provide training for people and businesses, to allow them to improve their management capabilities, thus enabling them to go beyond ‘managing’ and to improve their personal and work situations.  
Ethos for management and leadership training:
We want to give people the chance to flourish into better managers – so they don’t have to struggle at being a manager, and so they can therefore improve their work and personal situations. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so make the most of all parts of it. 

Our ethos is to provide busy managers with a ‘short and sharp’ training offering, which doesn’t waste time with unnecessary padding, and which can be squeezed into someone’s busy calendar. The emphasis is on half-day modules. “Straight to the point” is the idea with minimal faffing and padding. We know people need flexibility, so we offer online and classroom based training options.  
A word about existing 'formal' qualifications:
Existing 'formal' qualifications can be good (we aren't knocking them at all). But they can take a while, and perhaps people don’t need the qualification itself. People can be busy, so this training approach aims to offer more ‘bite-size’ sessions that will minimise impact on your work routine, and thus limit knock on effects to your personal lives outside normal work. Improve your ‘management’ skills, so you can thrive in your professional life, and thus have more time outside of work to thrive personally.

This training also enhances other management training you may have undertaken. It isn’t possible to become good at something with a single training course. A constant drip-feed of training and experience gained over time can be an excellent way of developing your abilities. Embrace the benefits of ‘little and often’ and invest in yourself and your team.
About Rob Hart:
Rob Hart acts as a management trainer, based on his experience in management from: 
  • Degree in Business Studies and Economics, University of Sheffield.
  • Formal training in leadership and management at The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.
  • Ongoing training and development in leadership and management, continuing through military service.
  • Service as a commissioned Army Officer, including operations and team management, recruiting and training, fleet and supply management, ordnance and explosives safety, risk and technical work, and bomb disposal. 
  • PRINCE2 project management qualification, plus qualifications in safety and environmental risk management, technology and engineering.
  • Project technical management for a multi-million dollar project in The Balkans with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
  • Business start-up in security consultancy to blue chip organisations.
  • Contracting/consulting to Ministry of Defence procurement teams, in management of projects, programmes, capability/resources, safety and environmental risk, integrated logistic support, strategy for UK national infrastructure. 
  • Freelance customer liaison for a Swiss manufacturing company seeking to engage with UK Government.
  • Business start-up in safety and environmental management consultancy.
  • Project management of a large IT project at the University of Bath.
  • Operations Director for a national stream within a large accountancy practice (Corporate Finance – Transaction Services team in BDO LLP).
  • Founded Manage and Thrive Training.

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