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About Manage and Thrive Training
We want to help people and businesses succeed.  We do this by providing time-efficient, focussed training in management and leadership.  Training is created and delivered by people with world-class training and real-world experience, including both military and commercial backgrounds, who can instruct, and who are trusted by us.
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Ethos for management training

We don't really get told how to 'manage' at work, it is assumed.  So when we are promoted from specific roles into management roles, people can struggle, and often with no help from their boss or the wider organisation.  We want to help people so they don't struggle.  These training opportunities aren't about learning to pass a test or getting a few letters for the CV.  They are about you acquiring the essentials in a short period of time, without massively impacting on your busy schedule – we are all busy, after all.
Existing qualifications can be good (we aren't knocking them at all). But they can take a while, and perhaps people don’t need the qualification itself.  People can be busy, so this training approach aims to offer more ‘bite-size’ sessions that will minimise impact on your work routine, and thus limit knock on effects to your personal lives outside normal work.   Improve your ‘management’ skills, so you can thrive in your professional life, and thus have more time outside of work to thrive personally.
This training also enhances other management training you may have undertaken. It isn’t possible to become good at something with a single training course. The drip-drip-drip of training and experience gained over time can be an excellent way of developing your abilities. Embrace the benefits of ‘little and often’ and invest in yourself and your team.
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Rob Hart - managing director and trainer

business management trainer
Rob's LinkedIn profile is  https://www.linkedin.com/in/robhartbusiness/
Rob received formal management and leadership training at The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and subsequently served for seven years as an Army Officer.  After leaving the forces, Rob then worked in a number of management disciplines with the United Nations, Government, corporate and small businesses and start-ups.  He now shares his experience with others.  He is a confident and competent all-round manager, with extensive training and experience of management and leadership in various environments. Specialisms include operations, strategy, projects/ programmes, systems and process, risk, change management, resources, capability, teams and staff.

For a quick summary of the Manage and Thrive Training approach, and how we can help you, feel free to look at the attached information pack (PDF opens in a new window/tab, or watch the video version)...
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