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  • by Rob Hart
  • 15 Jun, 2017

Inclusivity and Diversity course now under development by Manage and Thrive Training

Manage and Thrive Training is currently developing an Inclusivity and Diversity course for delivery in July 2017.  It s likely to look like this...

To give attendees an insight into their biases and to know themselves, and to use this understanding to benefit their team through inclusivity, in line with the Equality Act 2010.

Are you inclusive in all that you do? Or do you just associate with those that are just like you?
Knowing yourself, before you know others is a great place to start. Whether you manage or lead others or are part of a team, understanding your biases, your preferences and yourself will allow you to challenge yourself and others when behaviour is not inclusive. This course delivers personal awareness training, underpinned by the Equality Act 2010 and the need for businesses and teams to recognise the business benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Standard Duration: 3 hours

We look forward to providing this important course.  Watch this space!

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by Rob Hart 16 Aug, 2017
We provide stand-alone courses, each one with a discrete aim and objectives. These provide knowledge and skills which attendees can implement immediately. The courses are short-and-sharp, time efficient in nature, and we cover as much ground as possible without undue padding or unnecessary cosmetic gimmicks. The information is a complete package and constitutes a self-contained training package.
by Rob Hart 16 Aug, 2017
2 years ago today I had my first helicopter flying lesson. I didn't crash. But I was definitely taken out of my comfort zone as the wind caught us and I discovered that the levers are not intuitive. It was great to be reminded that we can't control everything, and that can be a good thing. In the end, for all the ups, downs, and sideways wobbles, we got to where we were going and landed safely. Sounds a bit like a journey through life really! 

See how it started!  

by Rob Hart 10 Aug, 2017
More courses are now scheduled for September, once the summer holiday season is over and people start to get back to work.  Give yourself a leg up this autumn and take some management training. We offer a cost- and time-efficient way to improve your management skills, ability and confidence.  Courses include project management, project risk management, and improving your management abilities. Go to our page of courses for individuals to book onto: .  More will follow!
by Rob Hart 02 Aug, 2017
Why not ask your employer to pay for this course? We provide a "Request Letter Template" so you can offer your boss a tailored document to support your request - provide the details, and improve your confidence in making the request.

Go to our web page: .

See the attached Request Letter Template document, which is a Word document.  This is subject to our associated Terms and Conditions for using this.  The Terms and Conditions PDF document is next to the link for the Template Request Letter.

See how it goes - good luck - and we hope to see you on one of our courses soon! 

by Rob Hart 02 Aug, 2017
Our approach:

Many individuals find our courses through word of mouth and recommendations. This is an important way for us to attract people onto our courses for individuals. As such, we would like to provide a referral incentive approach, to encourage referrals of people who then pay for a Manage and Thrive Training course. The Commission is a £10 voucher. Only one Commission is paid per person referred to us. For details about how this works, see our webpage which includes the Terms and Conditions.

Email us now to join our list of known sources, and then introduce someone before they do a course.

See Terms and Conditions.
by Rob Hart 07 Jul, 2017
With video and vlogging becoming increasingly popular - and the acceptability of honest, locally produced video clips (without the glitzy pizazz of the 90's!), Manage and Thrive Training provides a short clip to explain about the Project Management in a Nutshell course.  Go to our courses page or case study page to learn more...
by Rob Hart 07 Jul, 2017
Do you feel like you've crash landed in a job which needs management skills? Had about as much help as an alien landing in the USA? Then we're offering a special rate until Sunday evening in celebration of the little green man at Roswell, who apparently(?) piled into New Mexico this day in 1947. So, while the weather is desert-like and you are feeling like an alien on a different planet - take advantage of the offer now - invest in yourself and bag yourself a great discount while you do it!
by Rob Hart 26 Jun, 2017
We added a page to cover a Case Study about our flagship course for individuals - the Project Management in a Nutshell course.  This is to give you an insight into what you can expect and what this course might do for you... how it can help you go from 'just managing' to 'thriving' in your work and personal lives.  Why not cast your eye over it...  
by Rob Hart 23 Jun, 2017
We recognise that Business Start-Ups can often be challenging to keep on track.  Life is busy and fluid, with all hands to the pump and your environment often resembling a pirate ship rather than an elegant cruise liner.  We adapted our well-regarded project management course aimed at specialist 'employed' managers - people who have been specialists (like engineers, architects, lawyers, doctors, lecturers, etc) - but who now find themselves with a management role.   The course is now adapted to meet the context of a Business Start-Up.  Now, not many people do that. 

We provide efficiently focussed training over a 3-hour period to give you the essential knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to run your start-up activities more efficiently. 

Invest in your success, and the success of your Start-Up.  You can load yourself and/or your team as individuals onto our courses.  This means you don't have to invest in in-house training that may be 'over the top', too generic, too long and too expensive.  (That said, we can do in-house training as well).

So - invest 3 hours - and reap the rewards as you tame, reign in and command the beast you have created.   3 hours well spent now could save you a lot of time, effort, money and heartbreak later.  Book now to get a space... go to our schedule page  to check out the next dates, or email us at:
by Rob Hart 22 Jun, 2017
Our first 'out-of-hours' project management course is now scheduled in! 

For those managers with daytime commitments (work or personal) who can't make normal office hours. Take 3 hours one evening to improve your management skills and knowledge - and then use your knowledge to improve your lot at work. Thrive in your job, thrive outside your job! If you invest in yourself only once this year, then do this course!  Project Management in a Nutshell training course... Wednesday 12th July, 6pm - 9pm.  Feel free to arrive from 5:30pm to get settled, have your packed food if you bring anything.  Brews and biccies provided, but no 'substantial' food.   Hopefully we can have a prompt start at 6pm.

To book, go to:  
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