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Project Management in a Nutshell: Case Studies
Manage and Thrive Training’s flagship course for individual attendees “Project Management in a Nutshell” has been well received by people across many industries, and from organisations including freelancers, start-ups, and those employing many thousands of people.
Who attends the “Project Management in a Nutshell” course?
Most people don't really get told how to 'manage' at work. It is assumed, and so people get promoted from specific roles into management roles, and so they may struggle. We want to help people so they don't struggle. 
We want people to succeed, to thrive.
We’re sincere about offering training to individual managers who want to improve their lot, to go beyond ‘just managing’ and to thrive at work and outside of the office.
Why you could benefit:
The most typical customer is a professional such as an architect, lawyer, university lecturer, who has achieved success in their specialist areas of work, but who now find themselves in a ‘management’ role. It is sad to see such competent, capable people struggling because they are offered little or no training to support their new responsibilities.
Many thanks for the great 'Project Management' training today. It was extremely useful and have immediately implemented it into my job. I look forward to more'.
National Geographic Partners
“Rob was both engaging and knowledgeable in his field"
Stephen Dodd
Director, Productive Monkey Ltd

About the course:
Fundamentally - its about 'management'.  ‘Project management’ is quite a specific, defined term. Many of us manage something, whether or not it is defined specifically as a ‘project’. The approach, tools and techniques may be equally relevant to any area in which you work. While we focus on ‘project management’ in the course, you may see this as an all-round management course if that is what you are looking for.
The Project Management in a Nutshell 1/2 day training course follows this ethos by providing focussed project management training, most notably in terms of providing context, kicking off a ‘project’, planning and managing. The training is augmented with personal ‘top tips’ to provide more insight and relevance.
Our short courses aim to provide focussed training to people who are busy and need to make compromises to fit everything in. 
project management top tips
We want to help people to learn how to do it - quick tricks and key lessons, and let the use that as their foundation to develop. The service is a training and ‘knowledge transfer’ offering, based on expertise gained through work and life experience. It isn’t about learning to pass a test, or get letters after one’s name or a certificate.
This is why we offer the individual manager something better. 
We provide a cost-effective offering to people, by spreading the cost of a course over the individual attendees.

Book now:
1. Go to our Eventbrite page: look for courses and then book onto one (or more). 
2. Courses are listed in the schedule page - use the navigation bar at the top of the page (drop down under the 'Individuals' page), or click on the green button here to go to the schedule page

The Project Management in a Nutshell course is usually delivered by Rob Hart. Rob trained in leadership and management at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and subsequently worked in a number of management disciplines - military, United Nations, government and commercial (including large practice and small businesses).  He now shares his experience with others. He is a confident and competent all-round manager, with extensive training and experience of management and leadership in various environments. Specialisms include operations, strategy, projects/ programmes, systems and process, risk, change management, resources, capability, teams and staff.
how to be a better manager
Two quick promises:
1. The course is not a case of ‘death by PowerPoint’. There is interactive activity, and skills are taught using things other than a computer.
2. The course is generic in nature, so it should be applicable to people from many walks of life. We are working on a few specific sector-focussed variations (law and academia being the first two), should this be of interest to you.

What you need to do next...
Invest in yourself – book onto a course, spend a few focussed hours learning essential knowledge, tools and techniques, and kick-start your transition from ‘managing’ to ‘thriving’.
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