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Focussed management and leadership training to individuals and to organisations

Training for businesses and other organisations
We provide management and leadership training courses for businesses, and other organisations including academic establishments and not-for-profit organisations.
We also offer other ‘soft skills’ training, developmental work and workshops that capitalise on training received.
Go beyond managing. Thrive. 
"A truly educational experience, which allowed me to engage with the design of research projects in a more efficient and logical fashion. In academia, we are not generally taught how to manage a project although it becomes fundamental at both design and delivery stages. An interactive and stimulating course to get the basic knowledge and apply it in the real world.’
Dr Dario
Lecturer, University of Bath
Please look over our course 'menu card' to see what you can gain from us:
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Planning and strategy
  • Communications skills
  • Sales negotiation and ‘sealing the deal’
  • How to coach team members
  • Team management
  • Presentation training
  • Leadership development
  • Inclusivity training

tailored bespoke management and leadership training
Training may be tailored to your needs. 
For example consideration of sector-specific scenarios, focussing on start-up businesses or established SMEs, examples using academic research rather than financial savings.

The training is about the general management skills that we all need, rather than being sector specific.  We are agnostic regarding our clients' sectors, industries, size and stage of development. 
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We provide stand-alone courses, each one with a discrete aim and objectives.  These provide knowledge and skills which attendees can implement immediately.  The courses are short-and-sharp, time efficient in nature, and we cover as much ground as possible without undue padding or unnecessary cosmetic gimmicks.  The information is a complete package and constitutes a self-contained training package. 

Just think about how much better your efficiency might be with some focussed, minimally intrusive management training. Some little investment in your team could reap untold rewards in terms of productivity, cooperation, morale, output, turnover and the bottom line. 
Our emphasis at Manage and Thrive Training is on short bursts of knowledge to enable your team members to go and apply the tools and techniques instantly, and to steer towards creating a more consistent, conducive culture.
We don't provide a qualification - we look to provide independent support or to complement established training regimes. 
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We provide management and leadership training for organisations that are looking to upskill their teams.  
Already provided some training?  It is worth considering this:
Formal training and shorter ad-hoc courses work well together
A constant stream of related training is positive because:
  • It ensures that a long course isn't seen as a one-off token effort by the business, and especially that it isn't a 'tick box exercise'.
  • It helps to maintain good will and a perception that the firm 'cares'
  • It helps to reinforce learning through repetition
  • It helps to prevent 'skill fade'through repeat education events 
  • It adds a relevant component to away days
  • Shorter courses can be used to identify staff with a preference and/or aptitude for a particular management area.  So you could, for example, trial someone on a short project management course before committing them to longer, more formal and therefore more expensive programmes. 
  • You may not feel you need to provide formal qualifications, if your focus is on an experienced and stable team. 
In our experience, the most important benefits are reinforcing learning, and preventing skill fade.  The latter in particular may be a problem if a single course was provided some time ago, and there has been little or nothing since. 

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We recognise that small businesses and business start-ups have training needs too. 
They may want management training for the founders, new staff, or as part of a growth plan.  Our training ethos is to be agnostic about the nature of the organisation, but to provide training on general management skills that we all need, rather than being sector specific.  We are agnostic regarding our clients' sectors, industries, size and stage of development. 
The best way to get training may be to attend a course as an individual (or group of individuals) rather than engaging us for an in-house session. 
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For a quick summary of the Manage and Thrive Training approach, and how we can help you, feel free to look at the attached information pack (PDF opens in a new window/tab, or watch the video version)...
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