Roswell weekend special offer

  • by Rob Hart
  • 07 Jul, 2017

Project Management in a Nutshell course - 12th July - evening event - special ticket price

Do you feel like you've crash landed in a job which needs management skills? Had about as much help as an alien landing in the USA? Then we're offering a special rate until Sunday evening in celebration of the little green man at Roswell, who apparently(?) piled into New Mexico this day in 1947. So, while the weather is desert-like and you are feeling like an alien on a different planet - take advantage of the offer now - invest in yourself and bag yourself a great discount while you do it!

Manage and Thrive Training's blog

by Rob Hart 16 Oct, 2017
While sharing experiences recently, we discussed an interesting, but not uncommon, problem:  Expectation management – or rather a gulf in understandingRead the full article here .  

by Rob Hart 16 Oct, 2017
In our new blog series “The Thriving Manager” we look at common issues that we encounter – either ourselves, or based on discussions with other people.  Everyone’s situation is unique, so give yourself a little time to reflect on the content, and apply it to your situation.  You may need to apply particular skills or alternatively grasp the spirit and tailor it to your own needs.  Either way, find a ‘best fit’ solution, run with it, monitor it, and adapt as necessary.

We'll get started very soon.  Look out for subsequent posts in this series every 2 - 4 weeks.  
by Rob Hart 27 Sep, 2017
Rob Hart enjoyed delivering a great training event yesterday 'Scrub up well as a manager' in Bristol. Half a day of really valuable guidelines, processes and tips. This stuff really helps people.

Some great testimonials include "A great session with helpful guidelines, processes and tips! Delivered in a personal and relaxed way that enables you to engage and contribute."

And "Really useful afternoon. Some really great titbits to help me work more effectively."

And "Really useful session, and useful to discuss other peoples' experiences." 

This was the first of these courses to run outside of Bath, and was a lively and engaging event.  The photo is of the room from the Waterfront website - as Rob, in his excitement, made the schoolboy error of forgetting to take photos at the actual event! 

by Rob Hart 19 Sep, 2017
Manage and Thrive Training is now a World Health Heroes partner for management and leadership training.  

About World Health Heroes:

"Mission:  To educate, treat and support as many people as we can across the world. Making complementary health affordable and accessible to all people.

We are a growing family and network of health and wellbeing practitioners, who have joined forces to promote affordable health and wellbeing across our local communities. Through this hub you can book tickets to our wellbeing retreat days and conferences, learn more about us on our YouTube channel, and find a recommended Health Hero practitioner near you.

We are aiming to have teams and with it the Foundation in every major city and town across the UK. The foundation uses 50% of the company profits to pay for therapies for the local community. We want to bring complementary health to support groups, schools, the elderly and those on the lowest incomes. Our heroes can reach the people that need us most. "

by Rob Hart 18 Sep, 2017
"Scrub up well as a manager: A no frills guide to being a better manager" is our new course. Go beyond the basics you might find in a google search or a formulaic 'how to be a manager course'... this Manage and Thrive Training course offers tools and skills to make a real difference to your success as a manager.

Summary:  We don't really get told how to 'manage' at work, it is assumed. So when we are promoted from specific roles into management roles, people can struggle, and often with no help from their boss or the wider organisation. This training opportunity isn’t about learning to pass a test or getting a few letters for the CV. It is about you acquiring management essentials in a short period of time, without massively impacting on your busy schedule.

Aim: To provide insight, tools and techniques that you can apply, to help you to improve your performance in your management role.
Manage and Thrive Training offers 'short and sharp' focussed training. The idea is to give you the essentials, so you can apply them and start to thrive in your management role.  

So invest in yourself, go beyond 'just managing' and start to thrive - at work and at home. Book your place now.

by Rob Hart 11 Sep, 2017

Here's a useful but obvious management skill that doesn't usually get taught on courses: Actually talk to your team... ask how their night was, who won. Be interested... be a real, decent, engaged person. And then when you need it, they may well go the extra mile and excel for you.

by Rob Hart 11 Sep, 2017

"Scrub up well as a manager: A no frills guide to being a better manager" is our new course.  Go beyond the basics you might find in a google search or a formulaic 'how to be a manager course'... this Manage and Thrive Training course offers tools and skills to make a real difference to your success as a manager. 

by Rob Hart 05 Sep, 2017
Thanks to the amazing Kat at Gradino Agency, we now have a new video which explains what we do - in a better way than our previous video of Rob reading from a script.  We heard that self-produced videos were all the rage, but a properly prepared and produced video is much better! 
by Rob Hart 17 Aug, 2017
Does this sound familiar?

You find yourself needing to do some risk management, maybe for a client project you are working on, a pitch for investment to demonstrate that you have this covered, or for your own company growth plan, for example.

You need to polish up your skills so you can work more efficiently while gaining more professional, easier, better results.  You want a short, time-efficient course that will give you a relevant approach, tools and techniques. You want someone who can actually present well and share some top tips and lessons learned. You want to walk away with knowledge and skills you can implement now.

Busy people and businesses improve performance through our time-efficient, bite-sized management training packages. Less faffing, more success.

Book now and join Rob Hart, trainer at Manage and Thrive Training, for an understandable, sympathetic and relevant foray into project risk management.

Aim: To provide an approach to managing project risks, along with tools and techniques that you can apply immediately.

Summary: If you've been asked to put together a project risk register, or you discovered that you probably ought to have one while looking at other areas of 'project management', then it can seem like an impossible task. This course provides you with an insight into the idea of ‘risk’ (assuming you have an initial level of 'zero understanding' about risk management). It then provides you with an approach, and some tools and techniques that you'll be able to apply immediately in your role.

Background and benefits of risk management
The components of risk
Assessing risk
Recording risk
Deriving risk
Application of a risk management plan/strategy
Quantitative Approach and Models

Book now or get in touch for an understandable, sympathetic and relevant foray into project risk management.

by Rob Hart 16 Aug, 2017
We provide stand-alone courses, each one with a discrete aim and objectives. These provide knowledge and skills which attendees can implement immediately. The courses are short-and-sharp, time efficient in nature, and we cover as much ground as possible without undue padding or unnecessary cosmetic gimmicks. The information is a complete package and constitutes a self-contained training package.
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